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How we communicate with you Posted on 29 Nov 2019


Currently, we use the MJOG text messaging system to send out automated appointment reminders, bulk campaign messages (for example; please make your flu appointment / information on how to stop smoking / remember to order your prescription early) and for the family and friends test.


We also use the accuRx system to send individual patient text messages (for example, please contact us / here is a link to an electronic leaflet on back pain).


For the online services you are free to use a variety of apps, many of you use the Patient Access system.  You can use these services to make appointments, order medication, view your summary care record and send us messages.


From 4th December we will continue to use MJOG for bulk campaign messages until our contract expires at the end of March, we will continue to use the accuRx system to send individual patient text messages.


We will be using a new system called MyGP – this will enable us to send automated appointment reminders, family and friends test questions and bulk campaign messages.  In addition it will allow you to use our online services; booking appointments online, ordering your medication, sending us messages and viewing your medical records.  Have a look at for more information


You will need to download the app and follow the instructions if you wish to use this app, although you can continue to use any other apps that are available.  If you need registration details, call at our reception with some form of ID.


Opting out



In the past, many of you have opted out of receiving text messages.  There are two forms of opting out:



  • You can opt out of automated appointment reminders and family and friends test, for this we will need to make a note on the MyGP system
  • You can opt out of the bulk and single text messages we send, for this we will need to add a code to your medical record


If you wish to update your preferences, please let us know.




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