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Patient Group

Until October 2016 we had a virtual Patient Participation Group (PPG) which worked well for us and with which we had good lines of communication as we had worked hard for many years to collect email addresses, prior to this there had never been a demand for a face to face group.

However one of our patients who attended the Burnley PPG meetings approached the practice to ask if we could start up a face to face group, we agreed to this request subject to sufficient patient interest.

The Patient Participation Group is now meeting successfully and we continue our email dialogue with patients.

The PPG has worked hard to increase the uptake of Patient Access - patients booking appointments and ordering prescriptions online.

We have had several successful promotional weeks where members of the group and other patients already accustomed to using the service came in every morning and afternoon to help patients set up the service.  Prior to these promotional weeks 731 (18%) of our patients were registered; as of August 2017 1368 (33%) of our patients are registered to order prescriptions and make appointments online.  This has had a big impact on the work of our receptionists who now have more time to spend on more valuable tasks.

Below are the minutes of our meetings along with the purpose of the group and the minutes of the Burnley Patient Participation Network.

Patient newsletter - March 2020 - MERGER

Patient Participation Group Minutes - MERGER - 12th March 2020

Patient Participation Group Minutes - MERGER - 11th February 2020

Patient Participation Group Minutes - MERGER - 7th January 2020

BPPN Notes 2019.11.6.doc

Patient Participation Group Minutes 7th November 2019

Patient Participation Group Minutes 8th August 2019

BPPN notes 2019.7.17.doc

BPPN notes 2019.7.17 - Building Better Participation (NAPPC guide).pdf

BPPN notes 2019.7.17 - Helping PPG's work well (NAPPC guide).pdf

BPPN notes 2019.7.17 - Burnley PPG Awareness poster Aug 19 PROPOSED.pdf

BPPN notes 2019.7.17 - MM Cancer update.docx

BPPN notes 2019.4.23.doc

BPPN notes 2019.4.23 PCN information for BPPN.pdf

BPPN notes 2019.4.23 Daneshouse Stakeholder letter 26 March 2019.pdf

Patient Participation Group Minutes 16th May 2019

BPPN notes 2019.1.16.doc

BPPN notes 2019.1.16 Burnley Locality Update 150119 v1_KS.docx

BPPN notes 2019.1.16 Burnley Patient Participation Group Response to medicines Queries Oct 18.docx

Patient Participation Group Minutes 21st November 2018

Patient Participation Group Minutes 22nd August 2018

Patient Participation Group Minutes 9th May 2018

Patient Participation Group Minutes 21st February 2018

BPPN Minutes 2018.1.24 Care Navigation Info for Burnley Jan 18.pdf

BPPN Minutes 2018.1.24 CN Presentation - Burnley PPG Network - January 2018.pptx

BPPN Minutes 2018.1.24 Burnley PPG Awareness Posters (Draft).pdf

BPPN Minutes 2018.1.24 Burnley Primary Care Networks.docx

BPPN Minutes 2018.1.24.pdf

Practice PPG Minutes 22.11.2017

BPPN Minutes 2017.10.25 Persistent Back Pain Info leaflet.pdf

BPPN Minutes 2017.10.25 Recent onsert Low Back Pain Info leaflet.pdf

BPPN Minutes 2017.10.25 Spinal Drop-In Questionnaire.pdf

BPPN Minutes 2017.10.25 Burnley Locality CCG update_October 2017.pdf

BPPN Minutes 2017.10.25 Patient participation group talk on SDI.PPTX

BPPN Minutes 2017.10.25 The Keele STarT Back Screening Tool.pdf

BPPN Minutes 2017.10.25 Low Back Pain Nice Guidance for the public.pdf

BPPN Minutes 2017.10.25.pdf

Burnley Patient Participation Group Minutes 26th July 2017

PPG Minutes 9th August 2017

PPG Minutes 10th May 2017

Burnley Patient Participation Group Minutes 26th April 2017

PPG Minutes 1st February 2017

Burnley Patient Participation Group Minutes 18th January 2017

 PPG Minutes 23.11.2016

Burnley Patient Participation Network minutes 9.11.2016

PPG Minutes 5.10.2016

PPG Purpose October 2016

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